Happy Holidays!!

Welcome to! This year marks the 8th anniversary of Anime Chains Network. Thanks to our faithful visitors and fans, we have grown from a single anime fan page to a network of domains, galleries and forums for dozens of popular anime series.

Here's what our network has to offer:

Anime Link Directory
This is a large collection of links to different anime websites. The sites are categorized by both series type and series anime. There is also a brief description of the website associated with each link.

Anime offers thousands of fun FREE anime style ecards! You can browse by holiday occasions or search by anime series or characters. This is one of our visitor's favorite websites. If you are a great graphic designer, you can even submit your own ecard into our database! You will have your very own ecard showcase, and we have some really famous designers. ;)

Anime Avatars and Icons
A collection of 600 anime and game forum icons and avatars for your enjoyment. Please right click and save to your computer instead of linking directly from our website. Thank!

The Recruit
If you have been with us for awhile, you will notice that there have been lots of changes in 2008. We lost several key team members and also welcomed many energized new members. We still need more people to help us develop our websites. Please contact us if you are interested in joining.
Currently open positions:

  • Head graphic designer (>
  • Admin (
  • Admin (
  • Admin (
  • Admin (
With your email, please include which position you're interested in applying as well as a brief profile of your website skills and anime knowledge. Thanks!

Inactive network sites that we regretfully closed down in 2008 due to lack of team resource:




Fullmetal Alchemist Material Zone Case Closed Anime Agency Fruits Basket - Riceball Edition Anime Slam Dunk dot com Hisoka's Hunter x Hunter Organization Witch Hunter Robin dot com Get Backers dot org Hamtaro Playground
Anime Boys Naruto World Prince of Tennis dot com Anime Chobits dot com Gensomaden Saiyuki guide online - SAIYUKI.COM Inuyasha World Hana Yori Dango dot com [ Trigun World ] :: Love & Peace Always ::

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